Monday, 4 April 2011

Weekend Happenings

We had a very full and fun weekend. Saturday was glorious. The sun was shining, not a cloud in sight. It was really cold, but oh so nice to have the sun. Rob had a fruit grafting workshop in the morning, and Jasper decided to go with him. When they returned we spent the entire day in our yard working in the garden and watching the kids wrestle.
My kids love to play with power tools. It kind of freaks me out!

Some of our peas came out of the ground, but at least they have started to sprout

Here is a pea in the ground that has started to sprout! It's just too exciting!

Nothing better than going for a ride in a wheel barrow

These are the new dwarf apple trees that Rob grafted

and root stock so we can do more grafting in the future

These are our new strawberry plants. Yum!

The layers came off in the sun!

The boys were down to just their pants, airbending and wrestling.

When we got home from town last night, we had some visitors.

5 deer and a hare! Yikes!

Good thing Jasper and Rob built up the fence to keep the deer out the day before. It's not pretty, but hopefully it will do the job until we get the rest of our lot fenced in.

Rob and I went for dinner to celebrate our anniversary, and then went to Future Shop and Wal-mart to wander around, without kids! We love our kids, but some things are not as easy to do when we have them with us!

We also visited our previous neighbors in town, and we all had a great time visiting our friends. All in all it was a great weekend:)

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