Saturday, 2 April 2011

My Best Friend

It's the only picture I could find of the two of us together!! My face wasn't painted yet:)

Today marks the 6th year of Robert and I being together. The day that our relationship transitioned from a friendship to a partnership. We aren't married in the took-a-stroll-down-the-aisle way (it's just not my thang). We are best friends that fell in love and chose to spend our lives together. I'm not the marrying type, and Rob has known that from the beginning, but yesterday he decided we need to have some sort of ceremony to celebrate our love. "A Celebration of Love", is what we will call it. He has set the date for August 5, 2012. He would have planned for this year, but it seems too soon for me. We will see what happens though. Rob also asked about a month and a half ago if he could plan a party for our birthdays this year (2 days apart), which are coming up next weekend, and so far he's got nothing. That's my Rob:)

So I wanted to share the story of our relationship, because I love it and it's a pretty good one. I tell the long version because that's how I like it, so feel free to grab a cup of tea or beverage of your choice.

I was born and for the most part raised in Victoria, BC. When I was 10 my step-father was transferred to Quebec, he's in the Navy. We lived there for 4 years and were then transferred back to Victoria. When we moved back I had to start from scratch again. My mom signed me up for modeling school, which worked out well seeing as how I hate being the centre of attention, can't stand having my picture taken, and am petrified of being on stage! This is where I met my future sister in law. We became instant best friends. When I was 16 I left home and lived with her family for a while, Rob being part of the family. I had of course met him before this, but this is when we started to "hang out" together. Rob is three years younger than me, or 2 years 363 days younger to be more accurate, and was tiny, so it wasn't a love attraction at that time. After a while I moved in with my uncle and lost contact with Rob.

I moved on with life, had my first boyfriend, who is Jai's dad, travelled (when I returned is when I became pregnant with Jai), became a single mom, and was single for almost 4 years. I had become comfortable with the idea of being single, and was not in a rush to find a relationship. I wanted to be sure that when or if I did involve myself with anyone again it would be true love. At some point I made a list in my head of what I was looking for. It was so detailed that I was pretty confident no one would meet my standards. One day I was cleaning, and all of a sudden into my head popped "I am going to meet the person I am going to fall in love with". It was so random I just laughed. There were no prospects at this point, so it seemed ridiculous to me. Plus I wasn't interested in dating, I wanted to fall in love with a friend. I didn't have any male friends at the time, so totally this idea seemed so far fetched to me.

Two weeks later I was out dancing with my friends, when I spotted a familiar face in the crowd from my past. It was Robert! We exchanged phone numbers at the end of the night. Rob put my number through the wash by accident, so I ended up calling him. We met for tea, and have pretty much spent every day together since. Our relationship progressed quickly, but I think it's because we were friends first and knew one another well.

Now we have three kids, a dog, a turtle, a fish and a house to call our own.
Rob is loving, caring, compassionate, patient, understanding, communicative, creative, artistic, musical, goofy, modest, a wonderful, amazing father, slim (I'm not into bulky guys), scruffy, fun and funny. I'm sure the list is longer, but I am running out of time. He is my best friend, my soul mate, we fit perfect together and I love him with my whole being:)

Gotta go, Jude needs me.

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