Tuesday, 22 October 2013

KCWC Day 2 Fall 2013

And this is why I have nothing for day 2! No she is not mine! I am taking care of her while her mom is at school. It has been exhausting, and by the end of the day I want to fall into my bed and sleep for two weeks straight.

As well as the baby (who just turned three months), I am also doing a 30 day fitness challenge. I work out everyday normally, so I didn't think it would be a big deal, except I have to wake up super early to get it in before the baby arrives. 

Not that I am not loving having a baby in the house, because I do! Especially a girl. Or that I am not loving my challenge, because I feel so much stronger. I just feel like I have no energy left at the end of the day to sew:( Oh did I mention the baby never naps! Maybe short stints while in my arms, but otherwise, NEVER! So sewing during the day is not an option. She is the sweetest, despite never sleeping, and spending 6-8 hours crying. We just love her. The boys are so loving with her.

Anyways, I thought for today I would share a few of my plans for KCWC. The stripy suit material and the electric blue cord I was telling you about yesterday are going to become W Pants.

And these I want to make into some fun PJ pants!

Well, the baby is here, so I have to go! Have a great day!

PS Blogger is giving my a hard time today, which is why everything is a bit wonky.

Monday, 21 October 2013

KCWC Day 1 Fall 2013

Day 1 of KCWC is here and I actually completed one piece! Yay! I really didn't think I would. It may be the only thing I make this week, because I just don't have time, or energy to sew these days. I will share more on that later.

Here is what I made:

Jasper is in need of hoodies. He has grown out of the Urban Hoodie I made him last year, so I made a new one. This one is also from a thrifted t-shirt. It isn't often I find XXXL t-shirts at the thrift shop that are awesome! So this was a total score.

Jude decided he wanted to be in the pictures, which is not common. They are so sweet!

This is a size 7. It fits perfectly.

We picked this skeleton up at the dollar store yesterday (why exactly is it called a dollar store when almost nothing is a dollar?) and Jude insists on bringing it everywhere with us.

A new hoodie just in time for the cool weather. 

The boys found some cute mushrooms on our morning walk. I have never seen these ones before. 

I had big plans for KCWC, such as new zip up hoodies for the boys, as well as pants, vests and PJ's. You should see the amazing blue cord I found at the thrift shop! It's electric blue. I hope to make it in to cords for Jude at some point. This week may not work out though.

Have a great week!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Rope Swing

This rope swing is the best! We made a special trip just to swing on it this weekend.

We really lucked out with the weather! What an amazing Thanksgiving Day. I am grateful for all the love I have in my life.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

KCWC Ideas

Another season of KCWC is just around the corner (Oct 21-27 to be exact), and it is time to start planning! I have skipped the last two, with the excuse of being too busy, but the real reason is I have been to lazy, uninspired and unmotivated, but I am determined to make my kids some clothes this time round. They have grown and are in desperate need of new clothing!

Now is a great time to pick up some patterns during the Sew Fab Sale. 26 patterns for $29.95.

With being so "busy" I have not had time to whip up any of these patterns to show you how wonderful they are, so I have borrowed from other talented mamas to show you what a fab deal you will get!

Fancy Pants Leggings by Titchy Threads, Sewn by Carla

Green Point Cardigan by Hey June, you and mie

The Skinny Jean by Peek-a-boo, Mama Says Sew

Just a few of the great patterns you will get when you purchase your bundle.

Will you be taking part in the Fall KCWC? What are your plans?

Monday, 30 September 2013

Sew Fab e-Pattern Bundle Sale is Live!!



Welcome to the Fall and Winter 2013

Sew Fab e-pattern Sale Event!

Last February was the first ever Sew Fab e-pattern Sale and it was so successful and was so well received that Jenny Yarbrough of The Southern Institute, the creator and administrator of the sale, decided to have more!  This sale is bigger and better than the first, with plenty of patterns to get you through the fall and winter (if you live on this side of the hemisphere), and a few warm weather patterns thrown in for those of you who live on the other side of the world.  You'll also find more gender neutral patterns for those of you who are sewing for boys.  And what about you?  Of course there are a few women's patterns thrown in for some selfish sewing too! Over the past several weeks a lot of behind the scenes planning has taken place to bring you this newest bundle of ePatterns from many of the top established and up and coming online sewing pattern designers.  The result is a bundle of 26 PDF sewing patterns that you're going to love! For one week only, twenty-six pattern designers have come together to bring you 26 of their best PDF patterns, valued together at well over $2oo.oofor the incredible price of $29.95!!!  That’s over 80% off of the combined retail value!  Plus you can enter to win a dream of a giveaway with several prize packages from some of your favorite online fabric shops!
For less than $30.00 you will have a library of resources that you can use over and over again.
The designers that have joined this sale are experts in their craft.  Each designer has contributed one of their favorite patterns to create a bundle that is sure to please!  Whether you are sewing for your own family or making gifts for others, these are patterns that you will love to use.
If you’ve never sewn with a PDF pattern before, let me tell you how great it is!  After downloading your pattern instructions and your pattern, you will print out the pattern itself, creating pattern tiles, if you will.  Simply tape the tiles together to create the full pattern!  At that point you can cut out the size that you need and pin the paper pattern directly to your fabric, or you can trace the pattern size that you need onto sewing paper or tracing paper and cut it out, saving the paper pattern for later when you need to sew another size.  Pdf patterns are so convenient because you can print them out as many times as you need!

Now for the good stuff... the PATTERNS!

26 amazing ePatterns from 26 well-known and up and coming designers are instantly accessible to you by PDF download upon purchase of the Sew Fab e-Pattern Bundle.  Here are the patterns that you will receive (click on the links below the images for more  information about each pattern.):
Reversible Zippy Hoodie from Kitschy Coo, Ananda Pants from CHOPSTIX, The Sally Dress from Very Shannon, Best Harem Pants from Too Sweets , Notebook Slipcover from Gingercake, Junebug Dress from Craftiness Is Not Optional, Fancy Pants Leggings from Titchy Threads, Skinny Jeans from peek-a-boo, Pajama Eaters from Sew Fearless, Ruffle Dress from Sumo's Sweet Stuff, Go To Cape for Women, Sadie Grace Nightgown from Seamingly Smitten, Vintage V-Neck from Blank Slate Patterns, Zermatt Bow Swing Coat from See Kate Sew, Tumble Tee from imaginegnats, Nituna Jacket from Figgy's, Greenpoint Cardigan from Hey June, Gathers and Giggles Quilt from Sew Much Ado, Billy Car Play Mat and Roll Up from Handmade Therapy, Bimaa Sweater from LouBee Clothing, Candy Carousel Dress from Molly Blossom, Convertible Clutch from LBG Studio , Infinity Sweater from One Girl Circus, Undies Pattern from From the Red Kitchen, Owl Backpack from The Sewing Loft, Ethan Shirt from the Scientific Seamstress This Sew Fab e-Pattern Bundle is only available for one week and will never be available again!  You can purchase the bundle from September 30th at 8 a.m. EST through October 8th at 8 a.m. EST and there will be no late sales offered.  Due to the nature of the sale there are no refunds.
You don’t want to miss this unique opportunity to purchase a ready made collection of 26 PDF sewing patterns from 26 of the best designers out there!

And now for The Sew Fab Giveaways!

I'm so excited about these giveaways!  Can’t buy the pattern bundle?  It’s okay… purchase is not required to enter.  Each of these prizes will inspire you in your sewing as well as keep you stocked with what you need for your upcoming projects.  There are lots of chances to win and each entry applies to all of the giveaway packages.  Just use the Rafflecopter widget below the prize descriptions to enter as many times as you want, no purchase necessary.  
#1: $50 Gift Card to Fat Quarter Shop
The Fat Quarter Shop was founded in 2003 by Kimberly Jolly who began her shop as a side business, cutting, packing and shipping right out of her house during evenings and weekends. From the very beginning, she was committed to delivering top-notch service for every single order and customer.  You'll still find the same level of service at Fat Quarter Shop, along with an extensive selection of high quality fabrics at great prices.
#2: $50 Gift Card to Girl Charlee Fabrics
Girl Charlee Fabrics is your retail and wholesale source for unique knits fabrics at the best price.  Browse their wide selection of fabrics and specially select knit specific sewing patterns from independent designers.
#3: $50 Gift Card to Modern Yardage
Modern Yardage has a curated team of talented designers who design fabric exclusively for them. They print your fabric on-demand and offer their prints in small, medium, and large scale and as many as 10 different color options.  Designs  are printed in the standard 44" width on 58" wide, pre washed, 100% cotton quilting weight fabric, and they use the 12" margin to print features about their designers, free projects and patterns for you, and other fun goodies!
#4: $50 Gift Card to Michael Levine, Inc.
Located in the heart of the Los Angeles garment and fashion district, Michael Levine, Inc. is one of the Largest fabric retailers and wholesalers in the nation. With two retail outlets and a super stocked warehouse, Michael Levine, Inc. is the place to buy fabric. 
#5: $50 from Finch Sewing Studio
Finch Sewing Studio provides a curated selection of modern fabrics and cool tools. Our classes are offered in our physical shop in Loudoun County, VA. We offer fun, on-trend classes for beginner and experienced sewists alike. We teach the skills and provide the materials to make beautiful, handmade goods.
#6: $50 Gift certificate from Fabricworm

Fabricworm offers a selection of fresh, modern fabrics that you'll love, including organic fabrics and japanese import fabrics.  You'll find children's fabrics, fabric bundles, quilt kits, and free sewing patterns when you visit Fabricworm's shop.  Come by and search their great selection today!
Sign up for the Sew Fab Newsletter to get the latest Sew Fab News!  Winners will be announced in the newsletter as well as upcoming sales and other news pertaining to the Sew Fab Sale and the world of pdf patterns. a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Sew Fab e-Pattern Sale!

Sew Much Inspiration right at your finger tips…

only $29.95!

Get your bundle now!

  *Patterns included in the Sew Fab Pattern Bundle are intended for personal use only.  The selling of patterns without designer's permission is prohibited and punishable by law.  Please contact individual designers for licensing requirements if you desire to create and sell clothing from patterns that have been purchased through this sale. **For answers concerning sale terms and customer service questions, please see the FAQ page.  

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Coming Soon!! Sew Fab e-Pattern Bundle Sale!

Coming next week...


  For one week only, twenty-six pattern designers will be joining together to combine their best PDF sewing patterns (valued together at over $200.00) and selling them to you for the incredible price of $29.95! That’s over 80% off of the combined retail value!
Grab the bundle when it goes on sale next week and you'll be all set to sew for school and the coming holiday season! You'll have to wait until next week to see which patterns are included in this fall's bundle, but I can tell you right now that you won't be disappointed!

See you bright and early on Monday morning!


Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Summer Business

It's summer, and even though we are home learners, activities slow down significantly for us.This year we have been pretty fortunate to get away quite a bit, but it is nice to have something to do in our down time. 

My children have many things that they want, but being a family of five on one income, we cannot always provide them with their wants. Needs come first.

My oldest has been looking for ways to make money, and a couple of weeks ago I suggested selling grain free baked goods, which he loved the idea of. All three boys were totally into the idea. I gave them a rough idea of how to run a business, like they will sell the goodies, but they will need to put some of that money back into ingredients, and then they can divide the rest between them.

We also figured out the cost of ingredients to price the goodies so they can make a profit.

They did a bake sale in our driveway last week, and it was pretty slow. We live on a very quite street, so they lasted an hour before they were ready to call it a day. They did have a couple of customers that came by because they saw my post on Facebook, one very lovely woman who stopped on her way home, and then another friend who came by after dinner and basically bought up all their leftovers! Then my aunt placed an order for two dozen muffins from them! I was praying for $5, but they did amazingly well!

They will be baking up some more goods today to bring to the park, and then next week we will set up a Facebook page for them to take orders, so they don't have to sit in our driveway:)

Not only is it a fun way for them to make a bit of spending money, but they also are getting a great learning experience!

Cookies, brownies and muffins were on the menu for the first sale.

Cutest bakers on the block!

Best part! They were hoping not to sell anything, so they could EAT all the goodies!

We hope you are enjoying your summer!

Friday, 26 July 2013

A Beautiful Body Project-Jade Beall

Looking through Jade Beall's photos from the Beautiful Body Project stirs many emotions for me. Joy, love, respect, hope, are a few all balled up in one big lump in my throat. The beauty of them makes my heart soar, my gut tighten, and my eyes water. Everytime. I love them, and want to plaster them all over my house. They are a reminder of what true beauty is.

Everyday as women we are fed an idea of what beauty is; a plastic, polished, unattainable version of what we should look like, but never can. 

Jade Beall's work is like a breath of fresh air. My heart sighs when I look through her photographs. This is beauty. The scars, stretch marks, cellulite, saggy breasts and loose tummy's are apart of us. They are real and tell a part of our story.

Like the scar on my left knee from running, jumping, dancing, skipping, and years of playing hard and joyfully.

The chicken pox scars from when I had THE worst case of chicken pox when I was twelve, and my baby brother who also had chicken pox at the same time as me, but only had four spots that lasted a few days and were gone. 

The tattoos that I got when I was 15, 16 and 18, telling me of where I was at that time in my life.

The stretch marks on my thighs and belly from growing three beautiful lives inside me.

The saggy breasts from feeding and nourishing my children.

These are all me, and are beautiful. I wouldn't change them or give them up for anything in the world. They tell the story of where I have been and set the foundation of where I can go.

Jade's mission with the Beautiful Body project is "To Inspire Women Around The World To Feel Beautiful Just As You Are Through A Series Of Books & A New Media Platform Free From Digital Augmentation, Focusing On Your Inspiring Stories About Your Bodies. "

The Beautiful Body Project is supported by crowd funding. Jade does the photoshoots for free, with the funding going towards creating the book and further volumes.

I love this quote from the site:

A Beautiful Body project is movement of women coming together to tell their stories and celebrate their ever-changing bodies so that future generations of women can live free from self-suffering.

I love it! I love it all, and strongly encourage you to visit A Beautiful Body Project's page and scroll through the photos to see the beauty for yourself.

You can also visit Jade Beall's website to see more of her work.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

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