Thursday, 21 April 2011

Spring Flowers

Last week the weather was terrible! We even had SNOW!! I know. Totally gross.

Well by the end of the week I had had enough of the dark dreary weather, and of being cooped up in the house with three energetic boys. We braved the cold and headed out to the dollar store (I don't have my license yet, so we walk everywhere in all weather) to buy tissue napkins in bright, beautiful colors to make flowers.

I used the tutorial from Dana Made It found here, to refresh my memory.

The littles weren't into making the flowers, so while Jai and I made the flowers, the two littles decided where we should hang them.

I could only reach one of the three belly casts. This one is Jude.

I think it worked, because this week has been beautiful. The sun has been shining everyday:)

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