Monday, 7 November 2016

Wedding Moccasins

A couple of months ago, I had the privilege of making wedding moccasins. I had no idea the role they would play in the ceremony and feel so honoured that my moccasins were used in this way.

Here is the story:

"We chose to use moccasins made with love by creatress Jamie Gentry for our Celebration of Love. I believe in what she is doing & creating & that was an important decision in our choice to use moccasins instead of the traditional rings. We needed to honour that we each have our own paths to walk, but that we are committing to walk our paths alongside one another. to help one another up when needed or to encourage from behind and also at times walk side by side. The intention & love for the moccasins is that we want to let each of our steps in our lives and our marriage count. Just as each step we take on the earth counts. Moccasins help connect us more deeply to the earth & to honour an animal by using its hide in this way is humbling & a powerful experience & energy exchange. Here are some photos sharing the ceremony at our celebration of love on September 18th, 2016. A beautiful day where the sun came out, a rainbow appeared, roosters crowed, a cat came to rub up & purr against our legs & we were surrounded by so many beautiful, radiant souls. In these images it shows our young friend who we have mentored & spent many hours with & who has taught us & stretched us & helped us grow by being himself. We asked him to be our moccasin bearer & so he brought them up to us & then we each put them on one anothers feet. Then got up & walked together as husband and wife walking alongside one another on our own paths creating a new path together. Thank you, Jamie for being a powerful part of this important day."

I am speechless, and so full of love and gratitude.  

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