Tuesday, 26 April 2011

VI Etsy Team Meet Up

On Friday the etsy team I am part of, Vancouver Island Etsy Team (VI Etsy Team for short), had our first meet up. It was awesome and wonderful to meet so many crafty ladies (because only the ladies showed up for the meet up).

I am not going to lie. I felt very intimidated by the talent that was present. Our host Nikki from NikkiDesigns makes beautiful organic home decor. Her home is gorgeous, and I am mega jealous of her sewing room!

Hemp Duvet Cover. Gorgeous from NikkiDesign

Another shop that absolutely blew my mind was UrchinBags. Seriously, her designs rock. She makes her bags from recycled materials, such as seat belts, inner tubes, tires, scrap vinyl, and old boating material. Everything is cleaned well, and gorgeous! Really well made and built to last. I highly recommend checking out her shop.

Bag made with seat belts!!! Awesome! By Urchin Bags

And there were a couple of shops that make some really cute children's items. Wallflags, who I think may be changing her shop name. She does block printing, and has super cute designs. Also, Banbutsu, who are a friend team that make upcycled children's clothing from felted wool. Their designs are so super cute:) Both are fun shops to check out, and I am sure you will find something wonderful for your little one.

Choo, choo wall flag by Wallflags. I had to choose this because Jude loves anything train!

Seriously! How cute are these!!!! From Banbutsu

Oh yes and BarnSwallowsWares. Her designs are so beautiful, and have a rustic, vintage appeal. Her shop makes me want to head out to the country and live a simple life:) Not that country living is simple, but you know what I mean. Right?

Beautiful tote by BarnSwallowsWares

There was also SunshineJewls who makes beautiful jewelry, and at a very reasonable price. She uses only the finest materials to craft her creations, so definitely worth a visit to her shop.

Love this! From Sunshine Jewls

And another fabulous bag maker MeganLinford. She is currently transitioning from clothing to handbags. Her bags and purses are colourful, fun and functional. What more could a girl ask?

Cute clutch by Megan Linford!

If you are looking for decals check out DunningVinyl, or if you are looking for leather crafts check out KnottyLinda who also makes dog leads and collars, so if you are looking for a good quality leather lead, her shop is the place to go.

By DunningVinyl. So lovely

Rainbow Pride bracelet by KnottyLinda

For a great shop with west coast sea side creations check out A2SeaCreations. They also have a photography shop here, and have been the driving force behind the Japan Relief Project

Purple Bling Ring by A2SeaCreations

There were more and I am sure that I am missing a couple of people. So sorry! I just can't seem to find them at the moment, but I will be sure to share them soon.

You can also find the VI Etsy team on Facebook, so check it out and "Like" the page so you can find all our local talent in one convenient location:)

Okay, that's all for today. Enjoy shopping and I am so sorry I don't have pictures to share, but I promise you won't regret shopping from any of these shops.


  1. What a wonderful blog post Jamie! Thank you so much for doing this for our team!!

    It was so great to meet you. You are a real sweetheart and your quilts are beautiful and oh so unique!


  2. Thank you Micki:) This really made my day! And I was so glad to meet you too:)


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