My name is Jamie and I am the mother of three beautiful boys that are learning by exploring the world around them.

I created this space as a way to connect and "meet" new people. I'm a bit of a hermit, and tend to be on the extremely shy side, so getting out to meet people in person can be a challenge for me:)

This space is where I will share bits and pieces of my life with my children, as well as sewing projects and anything else I think may be of interest. Mostly the things that excite me!

I also wanted to use this as a space for a behind the scenes peek into the family behind the Love In Everything shop. I created Love In Everything mostly out of a desire to find a way to express my creativity. It has turned into a very therapeutic practice for me as well. I find it very meditative to be in my sewing studio, all by myself.

My main focus was to create fun, fashionable, yet comfortable items for children, with a huge emphasis on Upcycling/Recycling. There is an abundance of discarded items just waiting to be transformed into something amazing, and I for one love the challenge, as well as the feeling of knowing that I am saving one less item from the dump.

I hope we can share and connect!

Random Facts about me:

Random Fact #1: My name was originally supposed to be Samantha, but a woman on my mom's soccer team named her daughter Samantha. For two weeks I was without a name, until my mom settled on Jamie, after the Bionic Woman. I am named after the Bionic Woman! How awesome is that?!

Random Fact #2: I am photogophobic. Well maybe it's not so extreme as to be a phobia, but I REALLY do not like having my photo taken, which is why I look so angry in my profile picture.

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