Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A New Venture

My oldest son, who happens to be one of the coolest kids, INTHEWORLD, has come up with an idea to earn some money for himself. His idea? To make pillows!

His first idea was to make play-dough, which is a great idea, but he has changed his mind. We bought course salt for smoking salmon, and then we have the really expensive Himalayan sea salt for cooking with, not play-dough. Jai has had to use the course salt to make play-dough and he doesn't like the consistency of the dough. We offered to buy some fine ground salt for him, but he would rather sew pillows instead!! As someone who loves to sew, I couldn't be prouder:)

Here is his first pillow. Cow jumps over the moon.

I love how one side curves in:) He had a difficult time sewing a straight line. I think it adds character.

Jai would like me to sell his pillows in my Etsy shop for him. So next time you stop by my shop, look for some cool, funky pillows made by my son:)

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