Friday, 15 June 2012

Uptown Hat-Pattern Testing for HeidiandFinn

I had the pleasure of testing out another HeidiandFinn pattern last week, and after testing out the Urban Weekender Coat, I was very much looking forward to testing another of their patterns. They are easy to follow and always turn out amazing!

I was feeling a little cocky after putting together the coat, and thought the hat would be a breeze. I tried to rush through it, and had terrible results. On my second attempt, when I actually followed the directions, I had a super cute hat, that my son is proud to wear.

Here is the new Uptown hat, which is now available for sale in HeidiandFinn's Etsy shop:

The hat comes in two versions and I'm excited to try out the second version. There are also a few ideas on how to fun up the hat with buttons, patches etc.. I decided to keep it simple this time and let the fabric be the party!

I hope you all have a great weekend, and Father's Day! I'm going fishing with my man and then sewing my face off (because the face is a key component in sewing, didn't you know) to finish 8-10 outfits for National Aboriginal Fashion Week! Wish me luck:)

Monday, 4 June 2012

Pieced Upcycled Tunic

I finally got around to using my tunic pattern from Lil Blue Boo:

Of course this is not for me, because for some unknown reason, I just can't seem to make the time to sew something for myself.

This is for a friend, who had three hemp shirts that were far too big for her. She had been holding onto them because she loved them, and hoped one day to transform them into something wearable. Enter me with my fun new pattern. 

As per usual I do not have any before pictures, but the shirts were just basic long sleeve shirts that I cut up, pieced together and made into this fun tunic. 

I'm pretty happy with the results, and so is my friend. She put it on immediately and said it was like wearing a favourite pair of flannel p.j.'s it's so comfortable!

Thanks to Ashley from Lil Blue Boo for this great pattern!

Friday, 1 June 2012

Pattern testing for HeidiandFinn-Urban Weekender Coat

I am so excited to share this new pattern with you!! and can't help but start out by telling you that I am totally in love with this new pattern by HeidiandFinn!

I was one of the lucky people selected to test out HeidiandFinn's new Urban Weekender Coat, which will be released this weekend. Their patterns are amazing. I also have their Urban Unisex Hoodie pattern, which is fabulous:

I find their designs to be clean and hip, which is something I am looking to incorporating into my sewing. So far most of the clothes I make are fun and colourful, but I also want something my kids can wear that is a bit more sophisticated. 

Well this design is very sophisticated:

I love and prefer using upcycled materials, but in this case I had a deadline of a week to complete the coat, so I broke my rule and bought new fabric. I found this dark denim in the sale aisle at the fabric store.

The buttons are made from coconut.

and the lining is also from the sale aisle. Bright and colourful on the inside, clean and sophisticated on the outside.

My little model.

Big brother making him laugh.

And we need a serious shot.

Jasper is used to being my model, and I think he was feeling a little left out. He put on his "handsome shirt" and asked that I take photos of him too.

He is so handsome and goofy!

and the goofy shot:)

I was worried when I signed up for this because I wasn't sure I was experienced enough to make a coat, plus my one experience with a zipper left me intimidated. (I made a fleece vest for Rob's dad. The zipper went in fine, but the rest was awful!) But the pattern and tutorial are so easy to follow, and I loved making it. After the kids went to bed on Monday night I started sewing and couldn't stop until I was done, which was around midnight! It was just so exciting and I couldn't wait to see the end result, which I am so ecstatic with. I feel like the real deal after putting this together. A few friends on Facebook asked me to make them one in their size. I'm not sure I'm ready for that, but I do have enough fabric left over to make a coat for Jasper, who really wants one.

Thanks HeidiandFinn for another amazing pattern, and for giving me the opportunity to test it out!

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