Friday, 15 April 2011


Have you heard of MOO? I discovered them through Etsy. In January, Etsy and MOO teamed together to offer 50 free business cards to Etsy shops. At the time I didn't have ANY cards, so I pounced on the offer. They also make mini-cardssticker bookspostcards and more!

I can use my business cards as packaging for the hair accessories I make

I was happy with my order of business cards. I selected a design from their huge selection of pre-made designs. Then in Feb or March MOO offered free shipping on all orders to anywhere in the world! Well I couldn't pass that offer up, so I ordered my mini-cards and sticker book.

I can use the mini-cards as hangtags for clothing

and stickers are just plain fun!

cute and handy book

and mini-cards box for keeping the mini-cards in.

This time I decided to individualize my cards and stickers, by using photos of my products. I think they would have turned out even better had I known about Picnik at the time. I love this option! You could order 100 cards with 100 different images for the same price! It's fantastic! I love anything that gives the option of being unique.

I love MOO. They often have great offers if you follow them on Facebook or Twitter, which of course I do.

If you like quality, and individuality, with great customer service, then MOO is for YOU!

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