Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Ladies Night

I'm going to keep it short today. I was up late and am super tired, but the good kind of tired. Every month on the first Monday there is an S.O.S (Support or Socialize) meet up for home schooling parents. It's usually just the moms, which is great for me. I get enough testosterone every single day of my life. Last night was the S.O.S.
Usually there are a handful of ladies, but last night there were 14 moms! It was awesome. I happened to sit in the best spot. Where all the laughter was. Not to discriminate from the other conversations, but I love a good laugh. I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt. I couldn't see clearly after a while. As I get older I am beginning to realize that that's what I want more of in my life. I am drawn to people, shows, movies, books, anything that makes me laugh.
Living with 3 boys and 1 man, I have to say my life is pretty full of laughter:)

Jude's new favorite outfit

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