Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Spring Colours!

I love Spring! My children often ask me my favourite animal, colour, hockey player, Bionicle etc... They have never asked about my favourite season. And although my answer for each favourite is usually the same, "I like them all equally" which is true. I love them all for different reasons. Actually, that may not be true for winter. I could do without winter, but the other three seasons I love for different reasons. Spring is definitely for colour. If you have ever looked through my shop you will have seen that I am quite fond of colours! I love them all!

I love seeing the first flowers bloom.

I love dying eggs for easter in fun bright colours.

I love going to the thrift shop and finding colourful tees for sewing with!

I also of course love sewing colourful clothing with the colourful tees I find.

These ruffle dresses are a new design that I have created for my shop, and I think they are lovely. They are made from thrifted tees, so are soft and super comfy. They are great for moving and playing in, as well as dressing up.

I'm not sure why spring always inspires ruffles, dresses and skirts for me, but I just can't get enough!

I do have plans for some great "boy" clothing as well, but for now the ruffles are calling me:)

And as soon as I finished writing this post I decided to browse through Pinterest and found this little gem. I thought it fit perfectly with my own feelings around winter :)

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