Monday, 11 April 2011

Birthday Blanket

Yesterday was Rob's birthday. Until yesterday, I had not made a single quilt or blanket for any of my family members!!! Terrible I know. I think it's because I've always tried to make them all at once, but I have now made a more realistic goal, and will make a quilt for each of my family members for their birthday. A blanket made with love.

Rob's blanket started out as one of my entries for the Lil Blue Boo/Dharma Trading Co Design Contest, but I just couldn't get it together. I was struggling with a design for the blanket. Once I decided it was for Rob it came together pretty quickly.
I had purchased four wool sweaters from the thrift store, felted them, cut them up into pieces and randomly sewed them together for the front of the blanket. This sat in my sewing room for over a month. Last week I decided I would use this to make Rob's present, and asked the kids what colors they wanted their hands to be for the blanket. Red, green and blue were their choices, and I chose purple. Well how perfect is that. Those were already the colors of the blanket.
It was meant for Rob.
I wanted to continue the color scheme throughout the entire blanket.

I had to make the boarders extra wide so the blanket would be big enough, and added quilt batting to the boarders so they wouldn't be floppy.

The felted sweaters are heavy. Perfect for Rob. He likes a heavy blanket:)

I traced our hands and made them into a kwaguitl design. Then sewed them onto a yellow circle to represent the sun.
Rob likes to have his own blanket so he can make a cocoon for himself to sleep in. Now he can wrap himself in love every night with this blanket, and have sweet dreams:)

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