Wednesday, 17 August 2011

What's new in my garden

We have had a few blueberries, and they are the tastiest blueberries ever. There is almost a rosey flavor to them.

Forget me nots that were given to us on earth day. 

Our zucchini's are not as plentyful as they have been in the past, but this is our first year in our new home and the soil is not very great. 

The yellow squash is producing lots, but they aren't growing very big.

Here are some more yellow squash.

The pumpkins are so cute:)

The second crop of strawberries have started. Yummy.

It looks like we will have some tomatoes soon. I'll be using these for fresh salsa.

This is my first year growing cucumbers, so it's super exciting seeing these grow. We have already eaten two cucumbers. One from this plant and....

one from this plant. Jude ate most of the cucumbers to himself.

These tiny squash aren't really getting much bigger than this. 

Only four pole beans survived the critters, and they are starting to climb the poles.

Our peas are done. We just pulled up the pea plants on the weekend, and I have planted a second crop where the pole beans are, and I will be putting up chicken wire to keep the critters out. 

I am hoping to pick up some alpaca manure from our neighbors soon, so I can work on improving the soil. I have heard alpaca and lama manure is like the rolls royce of manure, so it's pretty exciting to have a source so close at hand.

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  1. yay to garden harvests!!! zucchinis and squash(es?) produce abundantly!! we're planting them again for fall. and it's amazing how pumpkins start off so tiny!!


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