Friday, 5 August 2011

What I Made This Week-Aug 5th

This week I have been working over time to make up for the lack of sewing I've done the last couple of weeks. I have a two day craft fair this weekend, and I thought it would be a good idea to have stuff to sell. Maybe?
I'm starting dresses with sleeves for the....I don't want to say the "F" word, because we have barely had a summer this year. It's depressing to think how close the change of seasons is.

Blue stripy leggings

Pink Stripy leggings. 
Both leggings were made from the sleeves of long sleeve shirts.

These super fun pants, which don't look so great in the photo, but I think they are funky. Flat front pockets and a fitted waist. These are made from a man's polo shirt.

A black and white, with a touch of pink, Twirly Skirt.


I love the colors of this Twirly Skirt

So fresh.

This skirt was meant for the dress below, but I made the waist too small and decided it was cute on it's own. I added the ruffle for a little extra and a fitted waist.

Upcycled dress.

Red leggings with white stripes and a fitted waist. These are fun and great for under dresses or skirts.

Another upcycled dress with a layered skirt and pink ruffle.

And last, these super cute pants. Sorry for the awful photos. I snapped a couple of quick photos this morning.

But you see the potential? Right?

My younger brother (he is 19) is driving me and the kids into town today so we can get the rest of my oldest guys hockey gear. On Monday Jai will be starting a week long hockey camp. It is very exciting. Why is my brother driving us you ask? Oh, well because I still haven't learned how to drive. I did drive to my parent's house a couple of days ago. It's only 2 minutes away, but it counts.

Tonight I will be setting up for Art in the Park here in Sooke. It is a two day event, and I am excited, and a little nervous. It's my first event in Sooke, and I hope it goes well.

I hope you all have a great weekend. The sun is shining here, finally, and should be for the next week!!! Yay!

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  1. Cute stuff as always!! See you at Art in the park this weekend!!


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