Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Our Garden is Growing

I absolutely love watching my garden grow. It's so exciting and satisfying to see the plants grow and bloom. I am also enjoying having the space to grow what we like. For some odd reason our chard, spinach and lettuce is not growing, which is strange, because they are the easiest to grow. I also ended up purchasing some veggie plants because I was beginning to feel discouraged.

Our strawberries

The ferns. They look so cool!

The chives are so pretty

Our Jasmine is getting a little crispy:(

Our blueberries are starting to bloom!

This is another variety of blueberries

and another blueberry plant


I love lavender

Look how big the peas are getting

Our very un-straight line of peas:)

We also have a small raspberry bush growing in a pot, which we will plant next year. Our plan is to have berry bushes around the perimeter of our garden. This year won't work because we are using the perimeter to grow our veggies. Our lot has yet to be extended. The shape of our lot is like a pencil, and the tip of the pencil still needs to be added. This is where we plan to have our veggies next year. For now I am content with the amount of space we have to grow. It is much more space than we had when we were living in the co-op!

On the weekend I also purchased zucchini, yellow squash, two varieties of cucumbers and two tomato plants which I am just hardening off at the moment. I also plan on adding some kale and pole beans, and attempting to grow the lettuce, chard and spinach again. Hopefully it will take this time. I would also like to grow some more herbs in pots on our balcony, so I can have them close by. 

I love growing our own food. It's so rewarding:)

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  1. you are so silly! you too have a wonderful garden with so many different things!

    yay to finding a fellow gardener! i hope your plants do well!!


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