Monday, 2 May 2011


I love being able to have an Etsy shop, and having my products viewed by people all over the world. It's so exciting! What is difficult about having an online shop is not being able to interact with my customers. I can't look at their faces to see whether they like what they see or not. 

Which is why I am looking forward to craft market season. I get to fill my need to interact with people and see the excitement on their faces when they find a blanket or dress that they love. It is so self-affirming for me. I get doubtful of myself and what I do if I just have my online shop. Craft fairs are my saving grace. 

This is what I love about having an online shop:
Sending packages! It's almost more exciting to me than receiving a package.

What I would love though is some feedback from the virtual world. What do you think of my products? Is there anything you think I should make more of? Less of? If there was one item in my shop you could have what would it be? You can check out my shop by clicking on my shop button, the purple butterfly, to the right.

This is all leading up to something, and I will share that with you next week:)

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