Friday, 27 May 2011

J4 to J5

Jasper turned 5 yesterday! 

We decorated

Made him a Flash Kid 5 shirt

and a utility belt

We had a cheesie picnic.

He can summersault better,

run faster,

Jump higher

so can his big brother

and his little brother

He is bigger

We love him!
He may not look like me,

but you can tell he is my son because he wanted chocolate cheesecake for his birthday!

Now that he is 5, he said he is bigger, faster, taller, can jump higher, wear clothes he couldn't wear before, do things he couldn't do before, and now needs to write his name like this: J5 instead of J4.

Time goes so fast with kids! I love them, and miss them when they get bigger. Even though I spend every day with them, I feel like I miss so much. It just goes too fast! Sigh. I love my boys.

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