Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Our New Neighbors

We were so excited to discover that there were birds in our bird house over the weekend. We sat and watched them for a long while, while the birds flew in and out, checked out the house and then flew away, and then back again.

  Can you see the birds little head sticking out of the house?

I realize this is virtually four identical pictures, but seriously! How ca-ute are these birds!

We aren't familiar with birds, but Rob thinks they may be sparrows. If any one does know what type of bird they are, we would love to be enlightened:)

After the kids went to bed last night I saw one of the deers I haven't seen for a while. I have been wondering what happened and if it was okay. It has this huge white patch of fur, and I was worried it was sick, but out of the corner of my eye I could see it wandering through our neighbours lawn.

This is one of the baby's from last year. Rob thinks the white is from the deer shedding it's winter coat. The other deer don't look like that though, which is why I was worried.

 Rob and I are hoping the deer will consume that broom. We both have hayfever and it is driving us CRAZY!!
And here is another deer that's just cute, so I had to take a picture.

I just love living here. We have plans to make another bird house, so we can have more bird neighbours.

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