Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Some of the Wildlife in Our Area

One of the things I love most about living in Sooke, aside from how quiet it is, is the wildlife. At night we hear frogs croaking, and there are always hawks and eagles flying by, as well as plenty of deer. There are even some bears, which I have only seen once.
Here is an eagle being chased by a crow

some seagulls

and the eagle again. I couldn't zoom in any closer:(

Ugh! It's so difficult to see the deer in this picture. They are so well camouflaged in the grass

can you spot them? It's much easier to see them when the photo is larger

I just threw this in there because it's so pretty. It would be prettier without the truck


eating our grass seeds

I had to send out our dog biscuit to chase the quail and various other birds that were eating all our seeds.

We also have some critters eating our lettuce, chard and spinach that is starting to sprout. I'm very seriously considering having Biscuit sleep outside at night to protect our garden! I love nature, but not when it eats our garden.


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