Friday, 15 July 2011

What I Made This Week-July 15th

This week started out slow. I didn't have much motivation, but half way through the week I was hit with a ton of ideas. I didn't have time to make everything I wanted to make, but this is a start:

Rob's step-mother and her sister in law brought me a bunch of leather samples they found at Chintz and Company (a very expensive furniture store in town) close to a year ago. I have had these booties in my head for almost the same amount of time. I feel pretty happy with the real life version.

With a fitted waist

Made from 5 different t-shirts

They are just too adorable!

and the finished quilt!

A close up of the quilting

The quilting on the back.

I apologize for the very brief descriptions. I've been staying up late, and waking up early, and I am definitely feeling the effects of lack of sleep. Today I plan to try and fit one or two more projects in, but mostly I plan to rest. Tomorrow is the Moss St Paint In which means extended hours for the Moss St market, as well as around 10,000 people walking through the market! I hope to be bright eyed and bushy tailed, rather than a zombie:)

I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. oh my word! i LOVE those fringed booties!!! and just some feedback, i like the first one the best. i feel like thinner and longer strips look better on the booties. just my opinion though! great work!!! i wish i can be as productive as you are! and you have children!!! how DO you manage!!!!

  2. My have you ever been productive! I love that the booties and skirt were repurposed projects, too. Good for you.
    Stopping in from Fabric Tuesday. My link is


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