Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Garden Update

Well, it's no secret that I LOVE my garden, so when a fellow blogger over at elephantislove left a comment asking about how my garden is doing, I just had to share. So here are several pictures of my garden:
A good friend stopped by for a visit on Monday with her daughter and they brought this lovely Lavender  bush for our garden. At least I think it's Lavender. 

This is one of the blossoms.

And I am not sure of the name of this plant. It came with our house:) It just started blooming last week.

A new dahlia flower blooming. The poor petals are being eaten by some sort of critter.

As well as the leaves. We haven't caught any critters in the act, so we aren't sure what it is. Anyone have any idea what it could be and how to stop them?

The blueberries are starting to get round and plump!

One of my lavender bushes is getting some more blossoms.

Some of my kale.

The peas are still producing tons of peas. We pick everyday.

Yellow squash is starting to grow!!!

The lettuce kind of blends in, but they are there and doing well.

The zucchini is also starting to grow!! It's so exciting!

Black currents. We don't have many berries growing.

A pumpkin plant our neighbours gifted us with.

Cucumbers!! This is my first year growing cucumber, so I am pretty excited about them.

Our strawberries are delicious! The best strawberries I have ever tasted.

Still no tomatoes, but they are blossoming.

A starburst squash. Look how cute it is!

My pole beans are doing well:)

And last but not least, my beautiful yellow roses. I have been drying the petals so I can use them for.....something. I haven't quite decided yet.

There you have it. My garden. I love it. It is so satisfying to watch tiny seeds or plants grow and produce so much food for us. 


  1. thanks for posting about your garden! i'm excited for you!

    when your tomatoes start growing, they'll be abundant! we've been picking them almost everyday!!! and so do the zucchinis!! have fun making loads of salads! we use tomatoes and the herbs in our garden to make simple pasta for lunches. very simple but healthy and fresh!

  2. Beautiful garden you have !!!


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