Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Win Your Discount Wednesday at SVP-July 27th, 2011

Today has been a bit of an adventure. This morning I woke up to Jude quietly standing next to my side of the bed. I slowly opened my eyes and wondered why I was drooling blood. Then I looked up and saw that Jude's face was covered in blood! He had a nose bleed and had wiped it all over his face. I cleaned him up and he climbed into bed with me. This was at around 7 am and the littles have been sleeping until 8:30-9 am, so it felt very early.

After breakfast, we slowly got dressed and ready to make the weekly trip to SVP. We also had to stop at the Sooke Fine Art Gallery, so I could hand in my registration and payment for Art in the Park. Even though I had called the gallery before leaving the house to make sure someone would be there, there was no one there. Sigh!

Anyways, there is a path that takes us to a road that leads to the gallery. It's very short. I have been avoiding overgrown paths because there have been so many bear sightings in the area. This path is very short so I feel safe. We were walking through and stopped to watch the caterpillars.
There are new little ones. Jude couldn't resist poking them.

I don't think the caterpillar appreciated being poked.

There are so many, and they do a weird kind of twitching motion that looks like the are having a seizure. The kids find it amusing.

This plant has had the top completely eaten off and there is caterpillar poop on every leaf. Super yuck!

While we were giggling, laughing and closely inspecting the caterpillars, we heard a loud branch crash, and rustling in the bushes beside us. I yelled at the kids to run, and Jas immediately started screaming as I grabbed up Jude and pulled Jas along by the shirt to the street. When we were far enough away on the street we looked back to see what had made the noise, but couldn't see anything. My heart was pounding so fast, and the two littles were in such a fright. Jai dropped a shoe (he decided to wear one shoe and one rollerblade, but carried his other shoe so he could go into the shops) and so I had to go back into the path to retrieve it. Jude freaked out, and I ended up having to take him with me. We were all pretty shaken, and still have no idea what was in the bushes. It very well could have been a deer, or a cat, but I wasn't taking any chances with my little guys.

That was enough excitement for me! We ran our errands and stopped at the thrift store, avoiding any side paths, long or short. It's the long route for us from now on.

There was a much better selection at SVP today, and I won 25% off. Not bad. Not bad at all.

When we got home we played Chinese Checkers, which we also picked up at SVP, had some food, and are taking it easy.

The sun is out and it is summer in Sooke, at least for today. I really hope it sticks around for a while.

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