Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Win Your Discount Wednesday at SVP-July 13, 2011

Today we went to Salvation Army as well as St Vincent de Paul. The kids really wanted to go to both thrift stores. I was okay with that idea.

Here is what I picked up from SVP, and I picked a 50% off chip! Awesome!

I have been thinking about getting a cake decorating set for birthday cupcakes, and low and behold, look what was at the thrift shop today:)

More shirts, and some fabric to transform into cute kids clothing.

And this! Wow! It's not something I will ever wear, but it was just to cool to pass up!

The boys also picked out a toy each from SVP.

At the Sally Anne, I found almost the entire "A Series of Unfortunate Events" for $0.99 each. It's just missing book 9, which I am sure we can easily find at the library. The books are in pristine condition. 

Thanks to my boys for the wonderful idea of visiting both shops today!

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