Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Savvy Mom Entrepreneur of the Year Award

On a whim I nominated myself for the Savvy Mom Entrepreneur of the Year Award. That's how I tend to do things, on a whim. Now I am a little overwhelmed with the requirement of votes. It is now up to me to promote myself and be "in your face" to make sure I get the votes required to make it into the top 10 for the chance to win.

I am not an "in your face" kind of person. Tooting my own horn makes me incredibly uncomfortable. I'm more likely to be found blending in with the wallpaper. My shop, my Facebook page and this blog are all huge steps for me, and of course were done on a whim. I imagine that no one is actually reading my blog, which is how I manage to write it. When I get an email notifying me of a comment on one of my posts, butterflies start fluttering in my stomach!

This has all been a great experience for me, despite my shyness, I have grown and gained confidence. I have days where I feel very bold and am comfortable promoting myself, and tend to only do the promoting on those days. Well, I feel like things will have to change if I want a chance at this award. I am really going to have to go out on a limb, and not worry if people feel I am being obnoxious, or spammy. I have to work hard for this award. I am just trying to figure out the best way to do this without coming across as obnoxious or spammy. Is that even possible?

I so badly want to win though! $15 000 would sure help me immensely. The equipment and supplies I could buy, as well as going to the thrift store and not worrying about how much I am spending! I could afford to advertise and have professional photos taken, more silk screens and ink, Photoshop so I can edit my pictures as well as Illustrator, oh my goodness. It's just too exciting thinking of how much my shop could grow!

So it's time for me to break out of my shell, and reach out for help. If you would like to vote for me you can click here. Also, there is a flashing button on my side bar you can click on.You can vote once a day, and can vote for as many moms as you like until Sept 12:) If you are a mom entrepreneur, you can also nominate yourself and leave a comment letting me know so I can support you. I am much better at supporting others:)


  1. i just saw this post! i'll be voting for you! i understand how hard it is to self-promote. coming from a chinese background, where humility is a value, self-promoting is the last thing i'm comfortable with. i really need to work on that, to get my blog/etsy shop going... best of luck with the award!! oh use facebook and twitter to promote too!!

  2. btw you might need to look at the voting button at the top of your blog, i think the link is not working. i tried clicking on it but i don't think it's linked.


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