Sunday, 3 July 2011

An Eagle Landed Right Next to My Son

Today we went to Gordon's Beach here in Sooke. I have only been once before with a couple of home schooling moms I know. The first time I went, I saw two eagles, an otter run across the beach into the ocean and then later one of the eagles trying to snatch food away from an otter in the ocean.

So today we brought our binoculars in hopes of spotting some cool wildlife

Jas decided to climb this root. A couple of crows flew away that were beside the root.

and so I thought this was just another crow, but at a second glance I realized it was an eagle. Close enough to have picked up Jas and carried him away. 

This is the eagle flying away

It was cold and windy at the beach, but it was so worth the trip! This all happened within the first five minutes of us arriving.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend:)

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