Friday, 10 June 2011

What I Made This Week

I have been sewing up a storm this week to build up my stock for the summer markets. At the last Moss St Market, Rob's sister brought a friend who almost cleared me out of children's clothing. I'm not complaining. I am so grateful that she loved so many of my items, but now I have my work cut out for me.

These have been in my mind (as are so many other ideas) for a while I just finally got around to making them.

This pattern I got from Lil Blue Boo 

This is another great way to use up scraps

This is not complete

I am thinking of adding a silkscreen or flower...something

Jasper my helpful model

This dress is so beautiful and magical to me. I imagine laying in a field of wildflowers and day dreaming of unicorns and princes on white horses.

This dress is made from a bed skirt that Rob found when we were thrift shopping. Because of the elastic smocking this dress can fit from a size 5 to a 10. It's a long dress for a 5 year old and can become a tunic for an older girl.

I love this little tank dress. It's so pretty and colorful. 

What little girl doesn't love ruffles and flowers and polka dots. As well as pink and purple:)

Red and White pants, just in time for Canada Day

A cute little country skirt made from the bed skirt as well as some fabric given to me by an interior designer. I can see this with a cute tank paired with little cowboy boots. So cute.

As always everything has been made from upcycled or recycled fabrics. It is so much fun, and is so exciting transforming each piece into something new, and realizing the bounty of materials we have available to us, that there is not always a need to buy new.

I am really hoping to do some garage saleing (does that look wrong to you. It looks wrong to me) this weekend and try to discover used items we can transform into something new for ourselves.

What are your plans?

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  1. Cute stuff!! Saturday I am volunteering at Operation Track shoes, Sunday I have to work and all the time in between I will be sewing in preparation for my first market on the 18th. Garage saleing (your correct, it does not look right)does sound fun!


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