Thursday, 2 June 2011

On the Search of the Perfect Dress

So a while ago I wrote a post about Rob's decision to have a ceremony signifying our love. A ceremony of love I have decided to call it. You can read more here.

Well so far we have done nothing to prepare for it. Yes we have over a year, but with our track record we will be scrambling to pull something together in the last couple of months!

Last night I was on the phone with Rob's sister and she brought up our ceremony and we chatted for a while about it, and I thought I should start putting some energy into it. After I finished sewing I went on Etsy and began my search for the perfect dress, and because it's not going to be a marriage I can go the non-traditional route. Though I did find a white dress I liked. It was the first dress I came across in my search! Here are a few of the dresses I liked, I hearted many, many, many dresses. It's Etsy, so of course there were tons!

This one isn't a colour I would wear, but I do like the style:

and finally the last one which I like because it is convertible:

That's what I have so far. It's quite the mish mash of styles I know. It's so me though. I can't settle on one style in my daily life because it's all about how I am feeling that day, so this feels like a huge decision for me. 

If you have any dress recommendations please send them my way. I would be grateful for a little help:)

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  1. i like the dress #2 and #7. what about what style fits you best? when i started my wedding dress search, i had in mind what i wanted and what style fits me best, so i didn't waste too much energy drooling over dresses that i know wouldn't look good on me.

    as i get to know you thru your blog, i feel like you're such a bohemian free spirit, like a little pixie or some sort. it'd be wonderful if your ceremony was a celebration in the woods, with nature as a backdrop. wouldn't that be perfect?

    good luck with your dress search!


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