Friday, 10 June 2011

Flower Baby Blanket

Yesterday I was finally in the mood to make a blanket. I've been all about the clothing for the last couple of weeks, but the Hudson's Bay blanket I bought last week was calling to me.

I know not a great picture. I didn't have my fancy new camera yet:)

All week I have had ideas running through my mind of colours and designs. This is one of them:

A blue flower

With a yellow satin stitch

It actually resembles a sun as well

Jai holding up the blanket for me

The reverse has a sea mist green flannelette with many coloured butterflies

This blanket will come to the Moss St Market with me this weekend, and if it doesn't sell I will list it on my Etsy shop. Though I have been considering abandoning my shop for the summer, because I just don't have enough stuff to divide between my shop and craft markets. I'm still back and forth on that idea. Any feedback would be welcome:) 



  1. I like your blanket. Cute idea for the flower and personalizing it. I wouldn't put your etsy shop on hiatus for the summer as a shop need constant adjusting to keep it up there in the forefront of pages to get sales. From a in the black 12 year seller who has retired to be abuela.

  2. Looks cuddly! Have fun at your market :)

  3. Thank you both for the feedback:)
    I plan on removing my items on the day of markets rather than shutting down my shop:)

  4. Great blanket! So sweet! Thanks for linking to Quilt Story :)


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