Thursday, 30 June 2011

Why So Serious...

Another home schooling family in Sooke has organized a ball hockey/ soccer/fun play day at one of the schools on Wednesday afternoons. Well this is right up our alley. Jai LOVES hockey, and all sports. The littles love kids, so this is perfect for us. There was a really good turnout. 

I took the two littles to the back of the school so they could play at the park, while Jai and the older kids played ball hockey. When I went back to check on Jai, he had a big red mark on his face. He told me he was hit in the face with a hockey stick.

He kind of looks like the Joker, from Batman and I asked him "Why so serious":
I told him to give me a sinister look.

Half sinister, half trying not to smile.

We applied Arnica and Caledula cream when we got home. The swelling went down, and the scratch will heal, but for now Jai looks like he has a half smile.

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