Monday, 13 June 2011

Sun Lotus

Yesterday (Sunday) we drove up to Cowichan to visit Sun Lotus Guesthouse. It is a venue that hosts wedding ceremonies. The facility hosts your wedding party from Friday morning until Sunday evening. It is all outdoors in a beautiful, serene location. Which is exactly what we are looking for. It's perfect because everything takes place in one beautiful location without having to drive anywhere, which makes the whole day more relaxing and peaceful. 

When we first drove up, we were a little skeptical. There was a dilapidated fence, a broken down bus and a front end loader. Rob and I looked at each other with doubt and disappointment. Then Rob said "Let's just look. You never know". Once we explored the grounds and got a feel for the place, we fell in love. It is so perfect. 

I love the fact that there are plenty of activities, equipment and toys available for children. There is tenting available for guests, with a very small bunker that sleeps 10 as well as two suites in the main house. There is an 8 person hot tub, and sauna, the pond is clean and swimmable, there is a volleyball net, row boat, and a peacock sanctuary, solar lighting, composting and recycling. This is a short list of the things I love about Sun Lotus. The things that popped into my head first. Before I get to the things that I don't fit for us, here are some pictures, actually a lot of pictures, of what I love about Sun Lotus:
This is a little island in the middle of the pond that the couple can row to after the ceremony to be alone together and share some champagne.

Here is the volleyball net next to the pond

Here is some covering next to the pond with a hammock and some water toys

A view of the couples tipi. This is where the couple can spend their first night together.

A dock

A view up at the facility from the pond

The row boat



The private tipi

a view of the island from the tipi

The tipi has it's own private beach. The grass has not yet been mown.

Astroturf! Sorry, but I love astroturf. 

Looking up through the top of the tipi

the path from the tipi back to the main grounds

back to the upper grounds

and the trampoline

the kids didn't want to jump on the trampoline until it was time to leave

It's a good thing they are pretty laid back and were okay with us hanging out for a while

Rob patiently waiting:)

The tent is where the reception takes place and incase of rain the ceremony can also take place under the tent

More jumping

This is the bunker and the front end loader.

plenty of seating for lounging and visiting

We thought this was fun, and happy looking

The Iguana bus, which is available for the couple if it is raining, rather than sleeping in the leaky tipi

Jasper liked the patio.

Okay, so it's pretty right? It may not be everyone's ideal setting, but it is for me. I'm a low key, un-formal kind of gal. I don't like dressing up, or eating in formal settings. I just feel uptight, and that's not how I want to feel on our special day. I want to feel relaxed and peaceful, which is exactly the energy created here. Now comes for part of the package deal that just unfortunately would create a bit of stress for us. I hesitate from saying dislike, because I don't want to paint any sort of negative picture of Sun Lotus. It is beautiful and perfect, but some parts don't fit for us financially, and I will also recognize the fact that this goes for all retreat type venues, not just Sun Lotus.

There are only two options for catering. Their chef can cater the whole event and we would choose the menu at $24 per person, or we can choose to purchase the food ourselves and the chef will cook and assemble everything as well as put the buffet together. Both options we have to pay extra for. We have 3 chefs in our family, so we were hoping to use them to prepare our food and have a potluck style dinner. This is not something we discussed with them while we were there yesterday, because we both drew a blank when it came for the Q&A portion of the tour. We do have questions the we will gather and ask once we can think of more.

We also would have to rent tables and chairs for the dinner, which is not included in the price. Again, this is the case for most venues.

On top of that, purchase a liquor license, alcohol, bartender (actually we would rent the bartender not purchase them) and all the other expenses that come with a wedding. We had thought the price was the price. This seemed reasonable and do-able, but the little extras add It's not completely off the table for us, especially because we haven't found anything else like this, and this is ideal for us. As I was loading the pictures, Jude was sitting beside me asking to go back:) We are a little overwhelmed by the cost, and are going to search for venues that may be similar, or maybe even better, work on a fundraising idea so we don't have to feel financially stressed.

All in all this is a beautiful location, that I think would fit perfectly, but we may need to either re-think the style of ceremony we want, or figure out a way to make this work for us financially. Like say we end up with an exchange student this year, we could then afford to save for a venue like this.

If you are in the Vancouver Island area, looking for a venue to host your ceremony and reception, that is kid friendly, eco-friendly, peaceful and beautiful, I would highly recommend booking a viewing at Sun Lotus.

Oh and one more bonus of the location, it is right next to Cowichan River, so you can also go tubing! How fun is that?! Okay I'm done with my little promotional rant. Do let me know if you have discovered a venue like this on the island. I would love to hear about it.


  1. oh i love it! congrats on finding a beautiful location! the tepee is my favorite! imagine looking up and seeing the starts peeping through! i hope for everything works out for you and Rob!

    i love happy celebrations!!!

  2. wow, thanks for the terrific write up... (this is Anita from Sun Lotus) I am so pleased to have come across this site. I wish I could make the package work out for you. We love to host people who really appreciate the work that we put into Sun Lotus...AND you should see it now, compared to these photos...eaisly, we look 10X better, its amazing what a little sunshine can do...if you havent found a suitable venue yet, send me an email and we can discuss it further.

    again, thank you so much for the kind words!
    Namaste, Anita

  3. Sun Lotus was featured as one of The Best Destination Wedding Sites in North America by eHow:

    The wedding venue is fabulous and for a once-in-a-lifetime event, being able to celebrate it for 3 days will create memories for a lifetime!

    Sun Lotus is truly a special place! I hope you are able to make it.


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