Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Win Your Discount Wednesday at SVP-June 8th/11

I skipped Win Your Discount Wednesday last week because I got this CRAZY idea that I have enough fabric. I know. Crazy. When can anyone have enough fabric? So today I had to make up for missing out last week.
We have to walk through this to get to the thrift store. Yikes for my hay fever!!

Then the tunnel of pollen.

But it was worth it. Today I won 25% off!! 

I liked this because it reminds me of the sheets we had in my childhood. Actually I'm pretty sure we had these exact sheets.

The pattern is of tiny little hearts. I thought I could fix this up for myself or it would make a cute... something:)

I love eyelet fabric. This can be a cute little dress or skirt

and purple. I love purple

and flowers

you can never have enough flowers.

This one is just cute and funny.

I love my Wednesday shopping trips. They are always so exciting!

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