Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Thank You Jamie Oliver!!!

Rob and I, Love. This. Book! It has become our dinner bible. I feel like a really good cook when I use this book for our meals.

So far these are the meals we have made. We don't always make everything in the meal:

We had this on Sunday night. Now don't share this with too many people, but I am not a huge salmon fan. Being a Kwaguitl women, this is a major faux pas. Salmon was and still is a staple in my peoples diet, so I repeat, keep this little secret on the down low. Anyway, I really enjoyed this meal, and the kids did too! The dessert is simple, yet delicious. Now that I know lychees in a can are good, I will be buying more of these. When I went to Thailand, my favorite thing for breakfast was lychee yogurt. Mmmm!

This one is spicy, quick and easy to make.

We all loved this meal. Everything about it. The salad is addicting! 

Jerk chicken, with rice and beans, salad, and corn. Yum! The rice and beans were so simple yet so delicious. The kids still talk about the rice and beans, and ask to have it for lunch. And the chicken was spicy and so flavorful.

We all love this on and are having it for the third time tonight!

This meal we had last night. Minus the dessert. The broccoli was so good! Rob even liked it, and he likes to tell people that broccoli is his least favorite vegetable. The sausage, bean dish, is delish as well as filling.

What I love about this book, is that the recipes are all so fresh, and easy to make. It takes us longer than 30 minutes to make them, usually about an hour, because I just don't like being flustered in the kitchen. Some of the instructions are a bit confusing, but easy enough to figure out. I would definitely recommend reading through the instructions before starting a meal. Rob skipped a bunch of steps because he went in blind.

Also, Jude and I can't eat many grains, and I find it simple to make substitutes in the meals , so extra bonus points!

Thanks Jamie Oliver, for adding some life back in our kitchen, and for putting together such an amazing collection of meals. We were becoming so bored with the same old, same old! We now look forward to dinners :)

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  1. oh my! i think i may have to get this book for my husband for christmas!!

    and i was going to leave you a note to let you know about the award, but i was running late this morning. i'm glad you saw it!



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