Monday, 12 September 2011

Chocolate Bowls

Yesterday we had a decadent snack before dinner. We have a craft book I found at the thrift store for the kids. One of the projects is making chocolate bowls. In the book they line bowls with tin foil and then paint melted chocolate onto the tin foil. Last week I found an easier way to make the bowls using a balloon. The balloon is dipped in the melted chocolate, left to harden on a tray, and then the balloons are popped, leaving a bowl behind.

Rob bought chocolate ice cream last week, and so we decided to try out the bowls for ourselves.

Only one bowl was thick enough not to have holes in it. It helps to oil the balloons first so they peel off easily, but not too much oil or the chocolate won't stick. Also, to wait until the chocolate has cooled a bit. The chocolate goes on thicker once it has cooled a bit. 

Delicious! We added strawberries from our garden, and some bananas, not from our garden :)

Next time we will make the bowls smaller. They were way too big and I couldn't eat even half of mine. I'm thinking we will go with the water balloons next time.

1 comment:

  1. oh my gosh! insanely awesome idea!!!!! and that last pictured turned out so pretty, fit for desserts at a dinner party!


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