Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Oh Deer!

We have so many of these cute little fawns around our house, that I was inspired to make a deer quilt.

I was drawn to the greens and browns of these fabrics from one of my fabric sample books. I like the swirly designs combined with the linear designs.

I often go between making clothing and making quilts and blankets. When I have been focusing my time on clothing, and make the move to quilts, I always forget how much time it takes to cut out each design, on top of cutting out each square and the boarders. In my head cutting seems fast and easy, and with my rotary cutter it is slightly faster, but still time consuming.

This is the deer together. Isn't it so cute? It reminds me of the playful little fawns around our house.

and the deer on the front of the quilt ready to be sewn on.

I forgot to share a picture of the satin stitch I use to sew the design onto the blanket. Instead I have a picture of the boarders now in place. I like how the brown boarders frame the blanket.

And the completed quilt! This is the first time I have quilted the entire blanket, so there were some frustrations, having to take the blanket apart twice, and tears, and moments of feeling like I should just give up and never sew again because I suck at sewing!! But I took some deep breaths, walked away when I needed to and calmed down. I am happy with how it turned out. There are some lumps and bumps, but I don't mind. I like texture and I think the lumps and bumps add dimension as well as texture.

A close up of the quilting, and you can see a bit of the satin stitch.

and I went with a brown flannelette for the backing.

This quilt has gone to Sidney for a First Nations and Metis art show that begins this Friday September 9th. I'm a little nervous as I have never been apart of an art show before. Also, when I brought my quilts in I was told that one of their key people for hanging the art is a women that is an acclaimed quilter and won many awards. Yikes! My stomach is full of butterflies. I just hope my stuff is well received. The show runs until October 23rd, so I will keep you up to date:) The opening night is this Friday, so I hope to go and bring my camera so I can get lots of photos to share with you all.


  1. I love the contour quilting design you chose! Very cool :)

  2. Thank you! I was a little unsure how I wanted to quilt it, but am happy with the results:)

  3. your quilts always look so wonderfully made! and yes they sure look like they are super time consuming to make. good job!


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