Thursday, 31 March 2011

A New Quilt

I started a new quilt earlier this week, and am loving it. Okay I love all of my quilts, but the excitement of making a new one is, well...exciting!
Every time I make the front of the quilt I think "it's perfect the way it is" and can't decide what design to add.

It's like a blank canvas. Full of possibilities.

I went for a hummingbird on this one.

I thought purple contrasted well with the softness of the colors of the blanket

I then decide to add yellow binding to represent the sun

and turquoise on the back to represent the sky.

Now the blanket is ready to be turned into a quilt by adding quilting. I'm a bit nervous for this step and have been putting it off. Just like at the beginning, when I think it's perfect the way it is, but each detail adds to the beauty of the quilt. That is my goal for the next couple of days, and I have a pretty fun idea for how I plan to quilt it. I just hope it works:)

1 comment:

  1. There is always great excitement in starting and finishing a new quilt.

    My favorite part is pulling out my stash and choosing just the right fabrics for the pattern I have chosen.

    Love your colors in this new quilt - SEW beautiful.


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