Monday, 21 March 2011

The Process

Back in December an interior design company was cleaning out their fabric sample books, so I was the lucky women that got first dibs on the books. If it had been up to me I would have taken them all, but my husband put his foot down! We were sharing the garage at the time. I had a little sewing corner and he had his turntables and art area. He has now moved to the den, and the garage is all mine!
I was so excited when I returned home with all my new books, I started ripping one of the books apart right away, and decided maybe others might be interested in what goes into making one of my quilts. So here is the process.

This is the fabric book after I have taken it apart.

I have to use a screw driver to loosen the staples and then pry the staples out with pliers. It's not as easy as it sounds!

This is what the books look like before I take them apart.

I then lay out the samples until I have the approximate size of blanket I want to make.

Then cut the samples into smaller pieces

and lay the pieces out in the order I plan to sew them

Then stack them so I can remember what order to sew them in

This is the table my husband  made for me so I don't have to work on the floor! It's a huge mess. This was taken while we were in the process of making the garage MINE!:) See the whale and hummingbird

and this is the final product, with a few steps skipped in between:)

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