Wednesday, 2 May 2012

New Patterns!

When I started creating clothing, I was measuring out each piece. every. single. time. I told myself I should really just make some patterns so I wouldn't have to measure each item out, but it never happened, and I know it never will, so I have decided to purchase patterns. Not only does this help me out, but it also helps out the people that create these fantastic patterns. Usually other moms.

Here are the patterns I have purchased so far, and love!

The Sewing for Boys book

I use the patterns from this book regularly. Here are some of the items I have created:

This raglan shirt is a staple for me. I love it.

With the raglan shirt I can also make dresses! Perfect!

Mr. Two face pants! A good pants pattern is important.

And the long sleeve raglan. 

There are many more patterns in the Sewing for Boys book that I still haven't gotten around to. If you are looking for some great boy patterns I highly recommend you get yourself a copy of this fabulous book!

Next I was looking for some fun ruffly patterns for girls. I discovered Lilygiggle on Etsy, and was immediately in love! This amazing designer is a homeschooling mother of four, so I felt an immediate connection! She creates these beautiful patterns to share with others, and says she hopes it will help other moms who want to stay home with the children! How generous, and caring. I am very grateful for her generosity.

She has a few boy patterns in her shop, as well as a some patterns for women. If you are looking for some fun patterns Lilygiggle is a great place to start!

Here are a few samples of items I have made using Lilygiggle patterns:

Bubble skirt tunic

Ruffle pants

 Next I decided to take a leap and purchase a pattern from HeidiandFinn. At this point I was completely converted to using patterns. This pattern has been FANTASTIC! I love it! I discovered HeidiandFinn a year ago, but I was still determined to make my own patterns at this point. I am so glad I rediscovered this shop on Etsy, because this pattern is a nice addition to my collection.

I decided to go with the Urban Unisex Hoodie:

This pattern motivated me to learn how to make button holes on my sewing machine, as well as sew buttons. I was intimidated by both of these tasks, but it turns out it is easier than I thought. 

I have a couple of pattern books that I have favorited in my Etsy shop that I am on the fence about. The patterns look amazing, which is why I want to jump in and purchase the books, but they are in Japanese, soooo, maybe I won't know how to put them together. I'm pretty confident that I will, but I'm going to hold off for a little longer. Give myself more time to work with the patterns I have. 

Here are the books, but don't buy them, because I'm going to soon! Both these books I found in the Etsy shop Pomadour's Craft Cafe

Pochee Special Boy

Japanese Craft Book
How about you? Do you have any favourite patterns?


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  2. I love the Lily Giggle patterns! I have made the Poppy Bubble Tunic and the Rings of Ruffles Skirt many times:)I currently have some for sale in a boutique in Helena, Montana and in my etsy shop. That Japanese pattern book looks amazing as well!! Don't worry about buying a pattern that is in a different language. With all of the translating sites on the web all it means is you have one extra step. I bought one from a French seller a while back and it was so fun.....and adorable:)

  3. You're such a pro with patterns! They still scare the beejeezus outta me! I am about to attempt patterns for clothes soon, i promise (for the last time). If i made one piece of clothing everytime i said that, i would have a full summer collection by now. :(


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