Monday, 14 May 2012

The First Beautiful Weekend, Spent Indoors

This weekend was glorious! Warmer then any of the summer days we had last year (we were totally ripped off last summer!) Guess where I spent my weekend? Indoors. For the whole weekend. I signed up to do the Spring Prestige Craft Fair, which at the time I was unable to predict the weather. This is the West Coast, so there is always a chance of rain. This of course was not the case, so you can guess how many people wanted to spend their sunny day at an indoor craft fair. It was very disappointing. The craft fair itself was great. Amazing vendors, well organized fair, with limousine shuttle service, lots of advertising, a beautiful venue, but very few customers. Sigh. It was a little disheartening, but again, who could have predicted such a beautiful weekend?

It wasn't a total loss. I did get to pick out new earrings that I won from Sunshine Jewls:
I got to pick out two pairs of earrings. I also picked a red pair.

Face Painting

Jude insisted on sitting on my lap. 

Pikachu pose.

 Show me your cheeks.

We strolled down to the dock and discovered some seals sunbathing on the logs. They blend in so well, we barely noticed them at first. We watched them for a while, maybe the last hour of the show. I completely abandoned my booth because I couldn't bare being inside any longer. The seals made some funny farting sounds and we all had a good giggle. 

We thought this little piece of seaweed looked like a fish.

I wanted to get some sun on Sunday morning before the show. Look how beautiful it is. When I finally went inside, my neighbours told me just after I left the previous night, a women came and wanted to buy one of my quilts!!!!!! That would have made my weekend. What a bummer. Oh well.

When we got home, there were hearts on the door, and all throughout the house. The boys drew self portraits and Rob hung them under their belly casts. It was the pick me up I needed. I love my boys, and was disappointed that I didn't get to spend Mothers Day with them, but they sure know how to make me feel loved, and that was just what I needed. 

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