Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Learning to Love Myself

Yesterday I was feeling low, which was disappointing, because I have been feeling so happy for so long. I was just tired and unmotivated, grumpy and generally unpleasant to be around. I was searching for a way to bring myself back up again. I looked in You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L Hay, and looked up the affirmation for PMS, because I know that's what's behind my grumpiness. I read the affirmation a couple of times, my brain can't retain information these days, so I decided to write it on our white board on the fridge, so I could read it throughout the day. I found myself letting go, and becoming more pleasant.

I have made a commitment to myself, to be happy. To make being happy my job. It's not always easy, but I feel it is so important. I want to be an example for my children.

So after reading the affirmation a few times, I decided it was time to get out of the house, because this always help me get out of my funk. I packed a picnic and brought the children to the park for the afternoon. When we arrived at the park, there was one other little boy, who was four. He was dressed as a Power Ranger. Wearing snow boots, mittens, and carrying a sword. He was pretty awesome. The boys had a great time playing and imagining with him.  Then after being being at the park for over an hour friends of ours came to the park, which was a welcome surprise and led to more play and imagination games. Jas was running around without a shirt on, having a blast! It was wonderful, and uplifting.

Then when we got home, I went to check the mail to find it chock full of goodies! 

My new business cards from Moo:

The swiper I ordered from Kudos so I can accept Visa and Mastercard payments. Just in time for the Spring Prestige Craft Fair.

And a couple of weeks ago, the gals at Salts received some skin care samples from their favourite skin care company, and decided to share them. Well, those were also in the mail! I can't wait to try them out.

Rob barbecued burgers for dinner, and we ate dinner outside. I also got to go out and visit with my homeschool mom friends, and will again tonight for our Book Club, so things are once again moving in the right direction for me. I am feeling very spoiled and grateful for everything and everyone I have in my life. I am very fortunate:)

I hope you are all well.

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