Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The rewards for chicken/duck and cat sitting

Pottery!! I was so excited and overwhelmed when I went to pick out my pieces. I love pottery, and up until now didn't own a single piece of pottery. Everything was laid out on a table for us to pick out, though I was the only one picking. Then I was also told when I was done, that there was a shelf of giveaway pottery. Stuff he had for too long and didn't want to see anymore, or that he made and didn't like, so we came away with tons of pottery. We felt a little greedy, and kept asking if it was really okay to take more. So here is what I came away with:



This one is so beautiful

I love the skeletons

and another pretty one

a few mugs

a matching mug to go with the pitcher

A pot

A jumbo mug. I meant to take a picture of this one next to the other mugs, but Rob took it to his man cave before I had a chance. This mug fits close to, if not an entire litre. Rob and I are in disagreement about who this mug belongs to. He believes that since he picked it, it should be his, which then means the rest of the pottery is mine! I am going to have to order another of these jumbo mugs to resolve this matter.

and a little creamer, which we will most likely use for sauces and dressings. 

If you would like to check out more of his work you can view his shop here: CasitadelLoboStudio
I love his pottery. It's original, different, unique. Kind of like us :)

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  1. i love pottery too! and these pieces look wonderful! i love the different shades of green. checking out his etsy page right now! lovely stuff!


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