Monday, 19 March 2012

Rainy day project

We had A LOT of rain last week, and not just a little sprinkle, but torrential down pour for 4-5 days straight. The kind of rain you don't want to go outside in, because not only will you instantly be soaking wet, but also freezing cold.

So I was desperate to find a way to focus my high energy boys inside the house.

I remembered that I loved making stained glass windows when I was a child, so we pulled out our neglected crayons, peeled them, grated, sprinkled the gratings onto wax paper and melted them in the oven. We also made frames for the windows. Here are the steps and results:

The longest part of the process.

Peelers and graters.

Jas coloured in his book and then sprinkled crayon gratings on the pages, to melt as well.

Sprinkling the gratings onto wax paper.


Completed sprinklings on the wax paper.

We googled stained glass windows for ideas, and they like the circle frames. Here they are in the window.

1 comment:

  1. FUN! you can slip the crayons into the glue gun and melt crayons over a canvas too!


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