Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Florescent Hoodies

My two littles just finished up their skating lessons with the Sooke Skating Club. For the end of year performance they had an 80's theme, which meant lots of bright colours. We were asked to dress the boys in a bright top with black pants and leg warmers.
What is brighter then florescent? I decided to make the boys florescent hoodies, because I have a huge stash of florescent sweat pant material given to me by my mother in law. It has been sitting in my fabric closet for a couple of years, and I have been itching to use it. 

I was helping Jai with geometry and was inspired to try some geometry out in my sewing project. The first pattern didn't work out so well. It was too wide and long for Jas, and slightly too small for Jai.

Here is the back.

So I decided to take the hoodie apart and use the raglan tee pattern from the Sewing for Boys book (I love this book by the way), and it worked out perfectly. I just added a hoody.

Here is the back.

And then I made one for Jude. Here they are on show day. Jude is focused on the puddles, and resisting the temptation to splash in them with his holey shoes.

And he notices me with the camera.

Blurry shots of the boys. People kept standing right in front of them, or walking past, so I couldn't get a good shot, but just so you have an idea of their cuteness:)

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