Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Too much on my mind

With Christmas swiftly approaching, craft fairs every other weekend, hockey practice twice a week (for my oldest), as well as games, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Holiday Gift Swap I signed up for, as well as daily life of home schooling and trying to stay sane in this horrid weather,  I'm just feeling a tad overwhelmed, and a little unfocused.

I had begun my routine of waking up, getting the kids breakfast, and then heading downstairs to exercise. I like exercising. It gives me energy, and improves my appetite. For the last couple of weeks, I have yet again fallen out of my routine, which is bumming me out. It's so difficult getting back into shape.....again, and again and again.

The other day Jai said to me, after I was complaining about how I should exercise but I just can't, "Sometimes I don't feel like going doing Hip Hop, but I do it, and I'm glad I do". Children are so wise. So I dragged myself downstairs and did my exercises, and I was glad I did. I was just sitting around the house thinking of all the things I "should" be doing, rather than actually doing them, so why not use that time to exercise?

I love how my kids are in the moment, and I strive to live my life in the moment, rather than in my head thinking of everything that needs to be done.

Sometimes I think I learn more from them, then they learn from me:)

I am still going to exercise, but not a full five days a week like I was. I may bring it down to three days a week, which is a bit easier for me to wrap my head around. Plus I want to give the bump that has developed on my wrist time to heal. I think too many push ups and planks have aggravated my joint.

It's not a great picture, but my camera didn't want to focus on the bump. Maybe it didn't want to aid me in my excuse not to exercise!! 

I hope you are all doing well, and are taking time to live in the moment. Just to breath. 

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  1. Hey Jamie,

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. As the holiday season is coming around the corner, i can understand how you're starting to feel the pressure, but remember to take the time to enjoy the things you do. If you're exercising, focus on breathing and feeling how your good your muscles feel all stretched out! If you're crafting for your fairs, enjoy the moment of creating. Don't work on something while thinking about another! Also remember to take some time out for yourself, just to sit with a cup of tea and do nothing while enjoying the moment. Having a family to look after is not easy! So slow down and breathe!

    oh and if you have one, wear a wrist guard. do exercises that do not require unnecessary pressure on the wrists!



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