Tuesday, 1 November 2011

I made it into the Vog Vending machine!!!

Well not literally. My booties have been accepted into the Fluevog Vending machine that will be in the new Fluevog shop opening in Calgary!

On a total whim I decided to send in a link to the leather booties in my shop, and the very next day I heard back. They asked me to send samples, and so I sent in three samples of the booties I make. At this point I decided I should start making some booties, as I had absolutely no stock. Here is what I decided to make:

They came from this jacket

The day they received them, they emailed to say they loved them, and would like to see the packaging, which was still in my head. I made my husband drive me to Micheals to find clear bags and paper. When we got home, Rob designed the logo and wording for my packaging, while I finished sewing the booties. Rob's design is so perfect, and much more beautiful than I had imagined in my head. I'm absolutely in love with it:

Isn't it just beyond perfect!

Lucky for me I had made ten of these purple booties by the time Fluevog was ready to place their order. They decided to order twelve, so I was practically done. They also would like to have a conversation about ordering a limited Fluevog addition!!!! How flippin cool is that??

Here are all the booties all packaged and almost prepped to ship:

So if you happen to live in Calgary, and happen to be in the new Fluevog shop, you can look for my leather baby booties in their Vog Vending machine. I would love a picture too!! It's just all kinds of exciting!!!

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  1. congrats! that really does sound exciting! and i love your packaging idea. it's so simple but very professionally done!! good luck with sales!


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