Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Paro, paro, paroside

My boys have been loving the Coldplay song "Paradise", and they ask to watch the video on YouTube often. Jude can be heard singing "Paro, paro, paroside" throughout the day. I love it.

Here is the Coldplay video:

I have shared this video that Rob's friend Jean Paul made with some of his friends, and Jai loves it. The other two do as well, but Jai is amazed that all sounds were made with their voices. He likes attempting to make the drum sounds, and imitating the dances.

Here is the video: 

I love that my kids are so interested in music. They are often heard singing, and dancing throughout the day. Jai is taking Hip Hop classes, and so he does the running man, rather than walking. Music is such a great creative way to express one self, and I hope my guys hold on to their love of music. 

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