Thursday, 3 November 2011

Good old Al

For Halloween, Jai dressed up as Michael Jackson, so we of coursed watched a ton of Michael Jackson videos on Youtube. These of course lead us to Weird Al Yankovic. The kids love these two videos. Jude laughs his little head off every time we watch them, which is at least once a day. They also sing the songs throughout the day, with the wrong words, which just makes it cuter!

So I thought I would share the laughs with you. They are oldies, but goodies!

I hope you are all doing well, and I also hope to share more soon. I hate using the "I've been busy" excuse, but it's kind of true.

I am constantly blogging in my head, but just can't seem to find the time to actually type out my thoughts, and when I do, it's just not quite the same as what was in my head. It's always a little rushed, and not full of substance. I'll get there soon hopefully. With the Christmas craft season here, it may be a bit of a challenge, but hopefully the new year will bring more consistency. 

1 comment:

  1. i love Weird Al! I remember once, my Economics lecturer played a weird al video during a class break. it was the song American Pie but with the words "Soon I'm going to be a Jedi" watch that one!


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