Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Two successful screens

I have been totally intimidated by the photo emulsion process for making silk screens, but the results of photo emulsion are so much better. There is so much more detail that can be put into the screen with photo emulsion. So I finally went for it.

I used this tutorial from Lil Blue Boo, and it worked! I was totally freaked out by the exposure part of the process because the emulsion wasn't changing colour, so I had to base it on time, which was tricky. The first screen I made was exposed to the light on a cloudy snowy day, in the late afternoon (I think it was around 3pm), so I left it for 6-7 minutes. Here is what the first screen looks like.

It's a little sloppy. The emulsion went on really thick and uneven for some reason, and when I checked on it in the morning to find out if it was dry, the emulsion had dripped onto the counter. So there was definitely way too much emulsion. It works though. The Love In Everything doesn't work, but I'm okay with that.

Here is what the print looks like:

I made these Valentines shirts for my Etsy shop. They are bamboo and organic cotton. Super soft and luxurious.

The second screen turned out much better:

The emulsion went on smooth and even. This screen was exposed to light around noon on a partly cloudy day. Again, the emulsion didn't change colour, at least not noticeably, so I exposed the screen for 4-5 minutes. When rinsing both screens I needed to use a pretty forceful spray. We have an attachment for making water balloons, and that worked like a charm for rinsing the emulsion off. This screen was made for a custom shirt order. Here's what it looked like:

Okay, so these aren't the greatest pictures, but you get the idea.

So if you are thinking of trying out photo emulsion, but have been too intimidated, I say go for it! If I can do it, anyone can do it.

Also, thank you to Lil Blue Boo for another amazing tutorial. She makes the best tutorials, that I don't even attempt making any. There isn't anything I can offer that she hasn't already made a stellar tutorial for.

On a side note, if you are new to Lil Blue Boo, I would suggest following her blog. Not only does she make amazing tutorials, adorable children's clothing, but she is also a huge inspiration. Ashley has cancer that started from a molar pregnancy, and she has been undergoing intense chemotherapy treatments. All while running a business, being a mother, and coming up with amazing craftiness to share with all of us, and she does it all with a smile on her face, and the most positive outlook on life. Her motto being to Choos Joy. She even has some Choose Joy bracelets to remind us all that we have a choice in life to Choose Joy.

Here's a picture of our Choose Joy bracelets.

Ashley is truly inspiring. You can read more in her Cancer Chronicles, and you can watch the video of her having her head shaved. A rite of passage. I will warn you that watching this video will make you ball your eyes out, so have a box of tissues close by.

One thing Ashley doesn't discuss is her mounting medical bills. Some of her friends have organized an auction to help raise money to assist with Ashley's bills. The auction will be February 27-29. It sounds like there will be some amazing items to bid on, so if you are looking to do some shopping, as well as helping out an amazing, generous women, then mark this date on your calendar. I know I am.

That's all for now. Hope you all have a great day!

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