Friday, 10 February 2012

Chicken/Duck/Cat sitting

We are chicken/duck/cat sitting for our friend's while they are vacationing in Mexico. I was super excited, because I would eventually like to get some chickens of our own. I have to say I like the ducks better, but they are super messy, and require A LOT of water. So I will start small, and go with the chickens. Our plan is to get them in the summer.

Here is a picture of the ducks. I am letting them out of their house:
They get so excited when they hear us arrive, that they make a racket, quaking loudly. When I open their door they come flying out and then do their circle around the little outdoor hut. 

I love how their little tail feather waddle when they walk.

This is the mess they leave everyday. I clean out their water and food dishes.

Then I collect the eggs from their cozy little nest. Seriously, am I weird, or is this not the cutest ever. This is their first nest.

Then they moved it over to this corner, and now they are back in the first nest again. I'm not sure what that's about. 

Here they are at one of their water buckets. These start out clean, and by the end of the day they are a muddy mess.

The chickens. These ones flew into the coop when I was trying to clean it out. Silly chickens.

Here are the other two looking for food. 

We are loving this daily routine. Our friends have a huge backyard and the kids are having a blast playing while I do the chores. Especially now that the sun is out.

Here is some backyard fun:

Trampolines are awesome! 

With three active boys in the house, sometimes the energy can get out of control, and they start treating our house like a gymnasium. I totally want a trampoline, so we don't always have to leave the house to burn off their energy.

I love this picture!

 and this one too! 

Trying out some flips.

They also have a rope swing! 


So much fun!

One day we will have a super fun yard too. It's not as big as our friend's yard, but we will work with what we have. 

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  1. aww man! we want to have chickens in the backyard soon! dont know how that'll work out but looks like lots of work/fun!!!!


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