Monday, 16 January 2012

New age girl

I'm sure you have all seen the S#!t____ Say videos, but this one was so me, and so funny I just had to share.

I'm not quite so extreme, but I am sure my family views me this way.

We homeschool, Jude and I can't eat many grains, now I also can't eat sugar, including fruit, I do yoga, take homeopathics, eat organic and local, had midwives, and home births, our babies were diaper free, I sew using upcycled/recycled fabrics, Rob and I often discuss (between ourselves) manifesting/law of attraction, we grow some of our food, and one day hope to have a self sustaining home, with chickens, and maybe a goat, but we aren't as flakey as we sound. Really!

It's not always easy living against the grain, so it's fun to laugh about it sometimes, and this video made me laugh.

Happy Monday everyone!

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